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HI-TONE gloss finish synthetic enamel is high quality general purpose alkyd based enamel with very good gloss and flexibility. It is meant for interior and exterior application. It is easy to apply and levels well. Hi Tone Gloss Finish is considered to be the best gloss coating of international standard available in the market today at a highly competitive price.


Field of Application:                  It can be used on all types of metal, cemented & wooden surfaces.


            Technical Data 


            Drying Time                :           Touch dry in 2 hrs.

Hard dry in 8 hrs.


Thinner                        :           Hi-Tone turpentine may be added if required.


Covering Capacity        :           15 16 m sq. / liter (depending on the surface)


Specific Gravity            :           Approximately 1.1 (depending on shade)


Solid Content               :           Approximately 55 60% (depending on shade)


Mode of Application     :           By brush, roller or spray.


Shade                           :           As per shade card and special colors on request.


Cleaning                      :            Brushes and other tools must be cleaned with turpentine.


Packing                        :           0.91 liter, 3.64 liter, 14.56 liter.


Storage                        :           Store at room temperatures between 20 40 C.


Directions for use       :              To be stirred thoroughly before use. Ensure that the new surface is free of moisture, dust, and loose particles. The primer should be applied uniformly, and allowed to dry overnight before applying subsequent coats.


Surface Preparation    :             Please refer our separate detailed instructions on surface preparation and priming for solvent based paint. 


" Nature Produces Colors, We Brings To you"



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